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Asset Management

Confidence-Based Investing

Confidence-Based Investing

Every dollar invested has a goal. Whether it is used to buy a new home, pay for college, fund retirement, or leave to the next generation, each dollar our clients choose to invest has a purpose. At Granite Harbor Advisors, we articulate that purpose and create a logical, efficient, evidence-based portfolio. We take the time to educate our clients about their progress, recommend necessary changes, and keep them disciplined to stay on track to achieving their investment goals. This is done in a cost-effective, tax-efficient manner to give our clients the confidence to invest with peace of mind.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy guides the portfolio construction and monitoring process. It gives our clients the discipline to stay committed to their investment plan.

Invest rationally: Portfolio construction should be based on fact rather than opinion. Investors often allow emotions to guide their investment decisions. Instead, a portfolio should be constructed utilizing financial and economic research without sacrificing the benefits of diversification.

Invest efficiently: Global securities markets are the most efficient determinant of security pricing. A well-diversified portfolio which minimizes the risk of any single security is the most appropriate means of capturing global market efficiency.

Invest with confidence: Portfolios dependent upon opinions regarding the market will cause undue stress and anxiety, which leads to poor decision-making. Constructing an efficient portfolio based on market and economic research gives investors the confidence and discipline to remain committed to their investment strategy.

Invest with purpose: A successful investment experience is based around achieving a stated goal. The more specifically a goal is articulated, the higher the likelihood of a portfolio meeting an investor’s expectations.

Our Investment Process

Your portfolio starts with a plan. Whether you engage us in a formal, comprehensive financial plan or to manage a portion of your net worth, Granite Harbor Advisors will take the time to formulate a plan around the dollars we manage for you. The foundation of this plan is building a relationship based on trust. We will take the time to get to know your financial and personal background, previous investment experience and results, tolerance for risk, and financial goals and objectives. We will help you articulate your financial objectives and prioritize them in an achievable order. We will identify financial conflicts or competing objectives and help you resolve them. We then construct your proposed portfolio considering your time horizon, risk tolerance, tax considerations, expenses, and other individual considerations. We will review your customized portfolio and explain the decisions that went into its construction. Finally, our dedicated staff will help with any administrative needs including account opening, transfer and funding, and ongoing service needs.

Our Commitment

Once your account is opened, your portfolio is constructed, and your dollars are invested, our work is just beginning. We will keep you updated on the progress of your portfolio, send you quarterly performance reports, and provide continuous monitoring and management of your portfolio.

You will gain access to our Client Portal, which allows you to view your portfolio characteristics over any time interval. We will establish a periodic review schedule to stay up to date on your financial situation and determine any appropriate changes to your portfolio.

Finally, we will work with you and your loved ones to keep you informed, disciplined, and give you the confidence to live your life.

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