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Asset Management

Every dollar invested has a goal. Whether it is used to buy a new home, pay for college, fund retirement, or leave to the next generation, each dollar you choose to invest has a purpose. At Granite Harbor Advisors, we articulate that purpose and create a logical, efficient, evidence-based portfolio.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

With independent access to both public and private market investments, our investment philosophy guides our portfolio construction and monitoring process and helps provide the discipline needed to stay committed to your plan.

Invest rationally:

Portfolio construction should be based on fact rather than opinion. Investors often allow emotions to guide their investment decisions. Instead, a portfolio should be constructed utilizing financial and economic research without sacrificing the benefits of diversification.

Invest efficiently:

Global securities markets are the most efficient determinant of security pricing. A well-diversified portfolio which minimizes the risk of any single security is the most appropriate means of capturing global market efficiency.

Invest with confidence:

Portfolios dependent upon opinions regarding the market will cause undue stress and anxiety, which leads to poor decision-making. Constructing an efficient portfolio based on science and economic research gives investors the confidence and discipline to remain committed to their investment strategy.

Invest with purpose:

A successful investment experience is based around achieving a stated goal. The more specifically a goal is articulated, the higher the likelihood of a portfolio meeting an investor’s expectations.

Benefits of Asset Management

Not only does our team of advisors focus on effectively managing your assets, but we also educate you on your progress, recommend necessary changes, and help you stay disciplined to remain on track to achieving your investment goals. We manage assets in a cost-effective, tax-efficient manner to give you the confidence to invest with peace of mind while offering:

  • Professional expertise
  • A personal, customized approach
  • Diversification
  • Active monitoring and periodic reviews
  • Ongoing support and transparency

How Asset Management Works: Our Process

Your portfolio starts with a plan. Whether you engage us in a formal, comprehensive financial plan or to manage a portion of your net worth, Granite Harbor Advisors will take the time to formulate a plan around the assets we manage for you. The foundation of this plan is building a relationship based on trust.

Understanding Your Financial Background

We take the time to delve into your financial and personal background, exploring your investment history and results, risk tolerance, and financial goals. By doing so, we gain a deep understanding of your needs and aspirations. Together, we articulate your financial objectives and establish achievable priorities, resolving any conflicts or competing interests along the way.

Portfolio Construction

Constructing your portfolio is a meticulous process that considers essential factors such as your time horizon, risk tolerance, tax implications, expenses, and individual considerations. Our experienced team carefully crafts a proposed portfolio tailored to your requirements. Once your customized portfolio is ready, we provide a thorough review, explaining the decisions behind its construction. We want you to have a clear understanding of the strategies and rationale driving your investments.

Our Commitment & Next Steps:

Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way ensuring a smooth process, from account opening to transfer and funding. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and periodic reviews to keep you well-informed, disciplined, and confident in your financial journey. We work closely with you and your loved ones, providing guidance and support, so you can live your life with peace of mind.

Achieve your financial goals and invest with confidence. Schedule a 30-minute introductory call to learn more about our asset management solutions.

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