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Located in Houston, TX, Granite Harbor Advisors stands out for our comprehensive expertise in investment management, holistic financial planning, and advanced life insurance strategies. Our unique approach to holistic wealth management sets us apart not only in the competitive local Houston market, but also nationally with our meticulous financial planning services, investment expertise spanning both public and private markets, and advanced strategies for estate planning and life insurance.

Focused intently on helping business owners, corporate executives, and high-net-worth individuals & families live their best lives, we are dedicated to crafting tailored and sophisticated solutions that align with the distinct needs of our clients. Our team, comprised of seasoned financial and investment advisors, provides individualized guidance, establishing us as the premier option for those looking to partner with a team of experts.

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Our Services

A Full Service Wealth Management Firm

At Granite Harbor Advisors, we are dedicated to organizing and optimizing your financial landscape, allowing you to focus more on what you enjoy. As a premier financial planning firm headquartered in Houston, Texas, our fiduciary commitment ensures that our advice, service, and investment strategies are always in your best interest. Our approach to comprehensive planning combines expert financial advice with bespoke service, anchored by a clear investment philosophy designed to deliver tangible results for our clients.


Asset Management

At Granite Harbor Advisors, every invested dollar has a purpose, from large purchases to funding retirement and legacy plans. As your wealth advisors, we tailor logical, efficient portfolios that align with your life goals, employing an evidence-based approach to ensure your investments meet their intended objectives efficiently.

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Private Market Investments

The allure of private markets as a multi-trillion-dollar asset class has surged among accredited investors. As a leading Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm in Houston, Granite Harbor Advisors is dedicated to uncovering investment opportunities that propel our clients towards their financial aspirations. Our unique position allows us to offer insightful perspectives on today's sought-after asset classes, including private markets, aligning with the sophisticated needs of our clientele.

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Financial Planning

In the realm of finance, success hinges on a strategic plan that marries offense with defense. At Granite Harbor Advisors, our approach to financial planning centers on harmonizing wealth accumulation and asset protection strategies within a comprehensive framework. Leveraging our Compass360 Process, and acting as fiduciaries, we are committed to crafting, implementing, and maintaining plans that secure and enhance our clients' financial futures.

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Private Placement Life Insurance

At Granite Harbor, we prioritize tax-efficient strategies for preserving long-term portfolio value and meeting tax planning goals. Our offerings include private placement life insurance (PPLI) and private placement variable annuities (PPVA), designed for accredited investors and qualified purchasers. These services, key to our estate planning services, deliver significant tax advantages while maintaining liquidity for investors, aligning with our commitment to comprehensive wealth planning and asset protection.

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Traditional Life Insurance

At Granite Harbor Advisors, our mission extends beyond wealth building to include protecting that wealth through strategic insurance products and risk management solutions. Our unique approach to utilizing insurance sets us apart, offering a distinct advantage over other financial advisors.

Integrating investment expertise with insurance specialization, we view insurance as a critical asset class. This perspective enables us to employ it strategically, advancing our clients' key financial objectives and reinforcing our role as leading personal finance advisors.

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Why Choose Granite Harbor Advisors?

The GHA Difference

Our “Four Uniques” are what make up the GHA Difference. By consistently delivering on all four of these components, our clients receive the world-class service, experience, and expertise they have come to expect from the team at Granite Harbor.

A Collaborative Firm, Not Just a Collection of Individuals:

Our commitment to lifelong planning at Granite Harbor Advisors addresses the industry-wide challenge of maintaining service continuity. Unlike the disruption that often follows an individual advisor’s departure, our robust business continuity strategy and the collaborative, team-based approach to each relationship safeguards our clients against service gaps, ensuring our firm delivers consistent, lifelong support.

Access to Public and Private Market Investments Together

We offer unique, seamless, and integrated access to the public and private markets, in both the investment and insurance space, setting us apart from other firms. At Granite Harbor, we believe in a coordinated effort between these areas to achieve better financial synergy, rather than approaching them separately.

Sophisticated Solutions for Life Insurance and Estate Planning

We provide unparalleled insurance and estate planning solutions for successful individuals and families. Our bespoke and discreet approach allows us to customize solutions for complex financial situations that separate us from our industry competitors.

Our Core Values are Apparent to All Who Encounter Us

The core values of A.B.C.D.E guiding Granite Harbor Advisors illuminate our every action, from fiduciary advice to our hiring. These principles underscore our commitment as comprehensive wealth planning and estate planning experts, marking our distinction in the financial advisory landscape.

Helping Families Live Their Best Lives

Granite Harbor Helps You By Delivering:

More Time

At Granite Harbor Advisors, we understand time is your most valuable asset. Our Houston-headquartered team of financial advisors give you the gift of time. We give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you rather than being burdened by countless hours spent managing and coordinating complex financial matters on your own.

Less Stress

Empowered with more time, stress levels are dramatically reduced. Emotions often intertwine with finances, breeding stress about the future. Our comprehensive wealth planning crafts detailed plans and instills discipline, significantly reducing the financial anxieties our clients face.

Better Family Harmony

With less stress present in the family, more harmony begins to surface. Whether it’s business ownership transition, retirement goals, a death in the family, or other monumental events, money disputes are a leading cause of family discord and are among the top reasons for divorce. At Granite Harbor, we prioritize preserving family harmony, proactively addressing potential financial disputes before they have an opportunity to damage or destroy the family fabric.

Multi-Generational Financial Security

With better family harmony intact, wealth that can transcend multiple generations becomes possible. Leaving a lasting legacy requires more than mere inheritance planning. Granite Harbor Advisors fosters multi-generational financial security through a collaborative approach to communication, ensuring your family’s prosperity endures through the generations.

Core Values

Guiding Granite Harbor

Everything we do from providing fiduciary advice to hiring new employees is guided by our core values of A.B.C.D.E.


Always Do The Right Thing

Even when it may be uncomfortable


Be A Leader

Lead from the front, back, and middle. Be accountable for your actions


Collaborative Strength

Everyone has a unique ability. When combined, team strength is exponential


Down To Earth

Talent CANNOT outgrow character


Eager to Improve

Celebrate wins, but never be satisfied

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The Compass 360 Planning Process

Your Wealth. Your Way.

At Granite Harbor Advisors, we're dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle by providing more time for what matters, reducing stress, and securing your family's financial future for generations. As a leading full-service financial advisory firm headquartered in Houston, our Compass360 Planning Process simplifies the complexity of financial planning by organizing and optimizing your entire financial picture, so that you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.


Get to Know Each Other
  • About You
  • About Us
  • Explore Goals
  • Personalized Guidance
  • Path Forward


Initiate Planning
  • Gather Data
  • Refine Priorities
  • Interactive Review
  • Tailor Solutions


Finalize & Implement Plan

Fiduciary Financial Advice for:

  • Cash Flow & Savings
  • Tax Planning
  • Asset Allocation
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer
Year 1
Year 2+
Compass 360 Year 2+


Maintain Continuous Alignment Between Your Goals & Plan
  • Proactive Recommendations
  • Monthly Updates
  • Consistent Plan Reviews
  • Coordination of Professionals (CPA, Attorney, P&C)

Evaluating Your Advisor Relationship

A successful relationship begins with a clear understanding of expectations. To assist in that, we have created a list of ten questions anyone should ask when evaluating a new or existing relationship with a planning firm. Click the link below to see the questions, and how we answer them. Use the schedule link for a complimentary consultation to learn more about the GHA Difference, and how we may be a potential fit for your family’s needs.

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