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Your Wealth. Your Way.

Tailored financial planning, wealth management, and insurance solutions for successful individuals and families.

Why Choose Granite Harbor Advisors?

The GHA Difference

Our “Four Uniques” are what make up the GHA Difference. By consistently delivering on all four of these components, our clients receive the world-class service, experience, and expertise they have come to expect from the team at Granite Harbor.

A Firm, Not Just an Individual

Many, if not most of the planning solutions we help our clients with are designed to last a lifetime. One of the biggest problems clients face in our industry is continuity of service for the long-term. When an advisor changes firms or leaves the business, there is often a significant gap in continuity to the planning for the family. We have solved that problem by creating a robust business continuity plan and by offering our clients access to the entire firm’s expertise, not just an individual advisor.

Access to Public and Private Market Investments Together

We offer unique access to the public and private markets, in both the investment and insurance space, setting us apart from other firms. At Granite Harbor, we believe in a coordinated effort between these areas to achieve better financial synergy, rather than approaching them separately.

Sophisticated Solutions for Insurance and Estate Planning

We provide unparalleled insurance and estate planning solutions for successful individuals and families. Our bespoke and discreet approach allows us to customize solutions for complex financial situations that separates us from our competitors in the industry.

Our Core Values are Apparent to All Who Encounter Us

Everything we do from providing fiduciary advice to hiring new employees is guided by our core values of A.B.C.D.E.

Helping Families Live Their Best Lives

By Delivering:

More Time

Our clients recognize their most precious asset is time. We provide them the freedom to spend it where desired instead of managing tedious financial matters.

More Time

Less Stress

It is nearly impossible to separate emotions from your finances. Fear and anxiety about the future can be crippling. By developing a comprehensive plan, and maintaining discipline, we alleviate that stress our clients feel about the unknown.

Less Stress

Better Family Harmony

The number one cause for splintered family relationships after a death is money. It’s also a top three perennial reason listed for divorce in America. We are committed to helping families maintain harmony by addressing potential issues in advance.

Better Family Harmony

Multi-Generational Financial Security

It requires no planning to leave an inheritance. You simply have to pass away owning something. Leaving a legacy involves much more than passing down assets. With a collaborative approach, we help families create financial security built to last many generations.

Multi-Generational Financial Security


Our Commitment to You

Help-First Promise

  • Our initial consultation is always complimentary
  • We promise to help you find your way even if it is not with us
  • We don’t bill for service until we have successfully delivered to your satisfaction

Our Fiduciary Approach

Serving Your Needs

As a full-service financial advisory firm, we spend our time organizing, optimizing the entire financial picture so that our clients can spend more time doing what they enjoy. Our principled approach to financial planning combines expert advice, dedicated service, and a well-defined investment philosophy that delivers results for our clients.

Family 2 Family 1

Comprehensive Financial Planning

A good offense and a solid defense is only as good as the game plan being taken onto the field. The same goes with financial planning. Wealth accumulation and asset protection strategies are most efficient when coordinated with a comprehensive plan. At Granite Harbor, we serve as fiduciaries for our clients to create, implement, and maintain a robust plan through our Compass360 Process.

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Asset Management

Every dollar invested has a goal. Whether it is used to buy a new home, pay for college, fund retirement, or leave to the next generation, each dollar our clients choose to invest has a purpose. At Granite Harbor Advisors, we articulate that purpose and create a logical, efficient, evidence-based portfolio.

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Insurance and Risk Management

At Granite Harbor, we not only help clients build wealth, but protect that wealth with insurance products and risk management solutions. We have a truly unique approach to buying and using insurance products that sets our firm apart from other advisors.

By bringing both investment and insurance specialization together under one roof, we help clients see insurance as a true asset class that can be used strategically to advance their most important financial goals.

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Family 2 Family 1

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Estate planning is an opportunity to define your legacy, set a vision for the future, and protect your family for generations to come. We take a comprehensive approach to estate planning, collaborating with all interested parties to define an effective “multi-generational” wealth plan.

We accomplish this through the design, implementation, and maintenance of creative estate planning techniques and custom-designed life insurance strategies.

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Core Values 2 Core Values 1

Core Values

Guiding Granite Harbor

Everything we do from providing fiduciary advice to hiring new employees is guided by our core values of A.B.C.D.E.


Always Do The Right Thing

Even when it may be uncomfortable


Be A Leader

Lead from the front, back, and middle. Be accountable for your actions


Consciously Competent

Understand personal strengths and weaknesses


Down To Earth

Talent CANNOT outgrow character


Eager to Improve

Celebrate wins, but never be satisfied

Evaluating Your Advisor Relationship

A successful relationship begins with a clear understanding of expectations. To assist in that, we have created a list of ten questions anyone should ask when evaluating a new or existing relationship with a planning firm. Click the link below to see the questions, and how we answer them. Use the schedule link for a complimentary consultation to learn more about the GHA Difference, and how we may be a potential fit for your family’s needs.


The Compass 360 Process

With a comprehensive financial plan, our clients have the knowledge necessary to make thoughtful decisions about the future. They also have the discipline needed to stay on track. Most Importantly, they have confidence in knowing their plan will lead them to where they want to go. We deliver all this using our unique Compass 360 planning process:

Step 1


We start by getting to know our clients and their unique objectives so we can outline how our services can help meet those goals.

Step 4


Our professional advisors go to work implementing and modifying plans as needed with active wealth management that keeps client goals firmly in sight.

Step 2


Gathering quantitative and qualitative data also allows us to refine priorities and tailor solutions to meet individual needs.

Step 3


We finalize the plan to ensure alignment between asset management and insurance strategies before establishing an implementation schedule.

Latest Updates & Thought Leadership

As part of our commitment to education, we regularly publish material regarding current events, and financial literacy. Be sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date on our latest content.

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