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Private Placement Life Insurance

Our advisors help affluent individuals and families maximize wealth and optimize tax reduction with private placement annuities and life insurance.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Granite Harbor is committed to finding tax-efficient methods of preserving long-term portfolio value and achieving tax planning objectives. We offer private placement life insurance (PPLI) and private placement variable annuities (PPVA), available to accredited investors and qualified purchasers, to provide robust tax benefits while ensuring liquidity for investors.

Benefits of PPLI & PPVA

PPLI and PPVA investment accounts have garnered the interest of affluent individuals and families due to their unique advantages and considerations, which encompass:

  • Institutional pricing
  • Increased flexibility for investment vehicles
  • Tax-deferred accumulation
  • Transparent cost structure
  • A guaranteed stream of income for life (PPVA)
  • Leaving a legacy to a family member and avoiding estate tax liabilities for heirs (PPLI)

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How Private Placement Life Insurance and Annuities Work: Our Process

Assessment and Evaluation

Our advisors assess your financial situation to confirm if these specialized products are suitable for your needs. We work with you to understand your wealth preservation goals, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, and estate planning considerations.

Underwriting & Customization

Once we have determined that these products are suitable for your financial situation, the process of underwriting and customization begins. Our team will assist with identifying appropriate options, obtain proposals from multiple companies, and ensure the best combination of pricing and preferred features. During this stage, the terms of the policy, including the death benefit, premium, costs, etc., are negotiated with the insurance carrier.

Because PPLI and PPVA are limited to affluent individuals, owners of the accounts must undergo financial underwriting and meet the accredited investor and qualified purchaser requirements. PPLI also requires medical underwriting prior to issuance to provide evidence of insurability.

Policy Issuance and Funding

In exchange for one or more premium payments from the client, the insurance carrier issues the contract that highlights features, benefits investment options, fees, and any applicable restrictions.

The carrier places the premiums into a separate investment account, known as the policy’s cash value. With a PPLI contract, a corridor death benefit that exceeds the cash value of the policy is also provided.

The cash value of the policy is considered separate from the general assets and liabilities of the insurance carrier and can be used to fund one or more investments selected by the policyholder from a vast array of options including separately managed account solutions, private equity, alternatives, and more.

Our Commitment & Next Steps:

After obtaining PPLI or PPVA, we help regularly review and manage your account by monitoring investment performances, assessing any changes in your financial situation, and making adjustments as needed. This allows us to ensure your PPLI or PPVA strategy remains aligned with your goals.

Discover tax-efficient strategies to preserve your portfolio value and achieve your tax planning objectives. Schedule a 30-minute introductory call to discuss if private placement life insurance (PPLI) or private placement variable annuities (PPVA) make sense for you.

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