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Taxes in Retirement

Taxes will most likely be your largest strain on cash flow as you enter retirement. Having a clear understanding of your current tax situation is half the battle. Being able to effectively apply tax savings strategies to your specific situation is the other half.

At Granite Harbor Advisors, our mission is to help families live their best lives by educating them first. From there, confident decisions can be made about the future.

This video covers the following:

Summary of Recent Tax Law Changes from the Following Acts:
o Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
o Build Back Better Act
o Inflation Reduction Act
o SECURE Act 1.0 and 2.0

Common (and some not-so-common) Strategies for Tax Savings in Retirement like:
o 3 Roth Planning Opportunities for High-Income Earners
o Balancing the 3 Types of Tax Buckets for Diversification
o 2 Unique RMD Strategies
o Mitigating Income Tax AND Transfer Tax for Wealth Transfer Planning
o “L.I.M.I.T.-ing” the 5 Financial Risks in Retirement in a Tax-Efficient Way:

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