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Granite Harbor Advisors Expands Presence in Houston

with the opening of a new state-of-the-art office
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Conveniently located in Remington Square, the new space will serve as a central educational and service hub for clients, as well as strategic partners in the community for continuing education and planning collaboration.

HOUSTON, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Granite Harbor Advisors, an independent registered investment advisory firm based in Houston, announces the opening of its new office located at 10603 West Sam Houston Parkway N. Ste 450, Houston, TX 77064. The new 7,000-square-foot facility will serve as a dynamic learning, networking, and business-building environment for clients as well as wealth advisors looking for the latest resources for educational development and advanced technological integration.

Educational & Collaborative Spaces: From an event room that can accommodate up to 70 attendees to collaborative workspaces that encourage teamwork and innovation, the new office is designed to deliver interactive educational experiences for clients and staff alike.

Leading Technology: With dedicated media spaces, advisors can conduct remote meetings with clients, prospects, and other professionals, expanding collaboration possibilities and better serving the needs of clients.

Recording Studio: Top-tier video equipment and audio recording systems put advisors at the forefront of innovative thought leadership, giving them the tools and resources they need to deliver compelling and informative content.

"This expansion allows us to attract and accommodate the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry. With this state-of-the-art facility, we've created a space where executive-level talent can find a home and truly thrive," said Brian W. Sak, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, Partner at Granite Harbor Advisors. "Workplace expectations and the way our industry operates have certainly shifted over the past few years. We've listened to our advisor network and have provided somewhere that actively fosters education and collaboration, as well as the systems and processes required to be successful in today's marketplace."

Granite Harbor Advisors has experienced rapid growth over the past decade, most notably a 500% increase in assets under management (AUM), going from $50 million in AUM in 2014 to $400 million in AUM in 2023, and growth in staff from five people in 2014 to 16 people in 2023. Additionally, in 2023, the firm introduced private equity investment options to further deliver on its mission to bring investors as close to the origin of wealth as possible.

"As one of the original founders of Granite Harbor Advisors, I've witnessed the incredible journey from its inception to where we stand today," said Timothy B. Smith, CFP®, Partner at Granite Harbor Advisors. "Over the past decade, we've made a strategic shift to truly building a business resource that provides longevity, continuity, and distinctive wealth management services for our community that we believe are profoundly unique. We are expanding our team while maintaining our commitment to a consistent staff-to-client ratio, so all clients—long-term, new, and prospective—receive the same level of service we pride ourselves in delivering."

The team at Granite Harbor Advisors credits its "Four Uniques" as the differentiators contributing to its success. By consistently delivering on all four of these components, clients receive the service, experience, and expertise they have come to expect and deserve:

  • A Firm, Not Just an Individual
  • Access to Public and Private Market Investments Together
  • Sophisticated Solutions for Life Insurance and Estate Planning
  • Our Core Values are Apparent to All Who Encounter Us

"We're not growing just to be bigger; we're growing to better support more advisors and our clients, while also preserving the integrity of our business," said Nicholas M. Brown, CFA, CFP®, Partner at Granite Harbor Advisors. "Having gone from an entry-level employee to a partner in the firm over the past decade, I can personally attest to the exceptional work environment and welcoming culture that enable wealth professionals to thrive here. We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to help others progress in their own career journeys as we help clients reach their full potential."

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