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From the Outside Looking In

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Have you ever wondered why you look different in pictures than you do in the mirror? How about why doctors go to see another doctor for their regular check-up? Why do schools request our own children be evaluated for gifted and talented classes by a professional? The answer to all of these questions is having a different point-of-view.

As human beings, we are hard-wired to view ourselves and our circumstances in the most positive light possible. This can give us an alternate perception of reality. Although we can be our own worst critics at times, this instinct puts us at a unique disadvantage when the need exists to view things objectively.

We have an emotional, subjective bias to things that directly impact our lives and our families. For that reason, a point-of-view that does not have that bias brings significant value to the important issues in life.

While it is important to find an objective point-of-view, it is equally important to find one that has a vested interest in the outcome. A doctor can be objective and still care about his patients’ health. A school counselor can be objective and still care about the education of the child. In turn, a good financial advisor should be objective but still care about the financial success of the client.

As an objective financial advisor, sometimes it means having difficult conversations with our clients. But because we truly care about the financial outcomes of our clients, sometimes a dose of honesty and candor is what is required. As sound and sometimes difficult advice is taken, we get to enjoy seeing a financial plan play out successfully.

So, the next time you are faced with an important life issue, remember that you may not necessarily be in the best “position” to see a realistic view of the whole picture. Make sure you have someone you can trust standing on the outside and looking in.

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